So where’s the Z game?

The Bird is going to be the Y pokemon, yeah, and the deer is going to be the X, of course.

Where’s the Z pokemon?

Here it is! 

It’s been called Mewthree for forever, and at first I thought it was just going to be a random extra legendary, but there’s a few good reason why this thing is going to be the star of the Z game. 

Here’s Porygon

Here’s Mew

Here’s Porygon2

Here’s MewTwo

Here’s PorygonZ

I’m sure most avid pokemon fans have already figured this out, but I just wanted to spread around some common knowledge. 

This is the pokedex entries for PorygonZ, which evolves when traded with the Dubious Data Disc, that was probably made by team rocket. 

Some people suspect that the MewZ pokemon is probably an evolved form of Mewtwo, and other people think it’s a completely separate pokemon.

Since these games are probably going to have a lot to do with genetics, I’m leaning more towards the “Genetically Modified Mewtwo goes nuts” theory, with the PorygonZ data entries to back me up, but Team Whatever-will-be-in-the-new-game could totally create a brand new pokemon. 

It’s less likely Nintendo will do that, though, if the new team isn’t team rocket, because they wouldn’t really have any previous genetic data on Mewtwo or Mew to work off of. 

Besides that, Mewtwo supposedly wiped everyone’s memories clean.

What do you think, will it be a separate pokemon, or an evolution of Mewtwo?

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  5. ghost-y answered: I was thinking more along the lines of it being a forme of Mewtwo, much like Giratina. So it would still be Mewtwo.
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